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Forehead of one anxious get angry grows a lot of people red painful blain, bring anguish to everybody not just, still can cause an effect to individual figure. Appear this kind of circumstance everybody can eliminate blain quickly with a few small methods, the thing that the everybody such as pearl powder, salt, egg white often uses can fast dispel blain. Everybody introduction gives in detail the small method of blain of a few kinds of fast dispel below, the friend of need can understand.

Forehead is long red painful blain

One, method of fast dispel blain is small subtle move

1, pearl powder yoghurt

When we are drinking yoghurt remnant a few, when when preparation sleeps in the evening, take a few yoghurt and mix a few pearl powder comes mix is even, direct daub is in the place that blain having blain and blain imprint later, can1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

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Need not clean, stay in the pass the night on the face, wait the following day when early morning washs a face together abluent. Those who need an attention is, want to rely on blain of this method dispel, must insist for a long time to just can see the effect. Still have, pearl powder ten million cannot be put too much, lest meet1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend
Jam our pore.

2, Qing Dynasty of pearl powder egg

Prepare the egg white of an egg and the pearl powder of 4 grams above all, mix this different even daub to grow the place of blain blain to the face, after awaiting 15 minutes, can undertake cleaning. If hold to this kind of method for a long time, not only can desalt blain imprints, still can have the beauty’s white effect. Have beautiful white skin and composed effect because of pearl powder and gallinaceous egg white, our skin will be accordingly more and more delicate, and the trace of blain blain also can weaker and weaker.

Forehead is long red painful blain

3, in vain acetic salt

In the salt that joins the white vinegar of half spoon one spoon, plus the cold boiled water of a few, when after salt is dissolved entirely, take one Zhang Xin’s makeup cotton will dip in take already the water of white vinegar salt of mix up, when make up what after quilt is soaked completely, apply goes to long blain having blain is facial. Generally speaking, everyday if apply is used, half month can see the effect of blain blain desalt. If growA pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

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Period if holding on, have first-rate effect to dispel blainForum of baby of new Shanghai noble

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, it is OK to be returned at the same time the United States is white our skin.

2, small doohickey of whelk of dispel of good method of 10 dispel blain

Grow on the face that becomes us when having blain of a lot of blain, this is the thing that a special relations with people making a person is fond of. Do not know how dispel blain is good. Did not trouble, small today make up will tell you how dispel blain, and a few food that have dispel blain effect, everybody looks together.

1. everyday everybody is to should wash a face, because this is small,write a proposal you are in originally on the foundation that morning and evening washs a face twice, increase to wash facial frequency midday again, can in time keep clear of so the grease on the face.

2. often shampoo, maintain hair style silk of relaxed, head is clean, do not leave bang.

Forehead is long red painful blain

3. can consider potatoLove Shanghai is opposite with the city touch

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Piece on apply feature face, it is antiphlogistic effect, OK also that potato chips has try water of blain of Yi Huanong herbaceous dispel, it is dispel blain fast simple method, blain of firm long blain is used immediately it is good to lie between a day.

The person that 4. is in those the life is medium comparison to grow blain blain easily should not eat chocolate again very much, and still other a few edibles wait for food e.g. nut, cheese, coffee, desert, the person that; of easy generation toxin has grown blain blain inside edible rear body, seafood, mango, cordial is banned eat.

5. has blain like buccal limit head of a department, disuse contains fluorine toothpaste.

6. avoids mood insecurity, maintain mood cheerfulNew love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forum

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7. does not use oily cosmetic, be like: Contain high oily share prevent bask in frost to wait.

8. likes to use various cosmetic in the female friends with a lot of mediumer life, if grow on the face,have blain blain, that should avoid to use the agent washing a face of saponification composition, saponification composition can destroy cutaneous acidity diaphragm, make the skin loses resistance, cause bacterial infection more easily, produce sensitive blain.

9. assures enough sleep, it is normal that dietary daily life wants.

10. absorbs the vegetable with vitaminic C more content, fruit more.

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