2019 Xbox platform most suffer expect your work of much money of game battle array is about to come on stage

Microsoft announced recently, along with entered end 2018, 2019 to Xbox and player of Windows 10 PC will be a wonderful year, many when the player brings a neck to expect strong archives is made newly, classical game add is made reach game correcting, include ” diabolical hunter 5 ” , ” regnal heart 3 ” , ” JUMP FORCE ” , ” the sea of bandits ” athletics mode ” The Arena ” wait newlier, be about to land Xbox One. In addition, ” divide fierce battle alarm 3 ” , ” the light of comforter 2 ” , ” warlike machine 5 ” those who wait for Microsoft atelier development is brand-new master piece, also will come on stage at Xbox One, Windows 10 and synchronism of Xbox Game Pass. Taiwan Microsoft also emphasizes, cover the type such as movement, adventure, fire, riddle one word discharged battle array of Xbox platform game 2019, the hope lets a player play so that satisfy a craving, battle gets delighted. 2019 Xbox platform most suffer expect game: ” anthem (Anthem) ” (ELECTRONIC ARTS)

By ever made ” quality effect ” , ” Long Teng century ” the BioWare atelier that waits for gam上海千花网论坛

e is made, ” anthem ” it is a behavioral part that shares the world acts game, players will act free mercenary, explore the science fiction world that is full of beast and predator to the top of one’s bent, one by one disentombs amazed science and technology and the treasure that are forgotten. The player in game will open the veil of secret world together with associate, beat the vicious power that engineers conquer mankind, be in itinerary in put on javelin machine armour, the equipment that in passing through adventurous process, obtains will make distinctive weapon and exceed capacity, permanent individual stays to label in game world. ” anthem ” will appear on the market on Feburary 22, 2019. ” ATLAS ” (STUDIO WILDCARD)
By ” ark: Live developmental ” Xuan makes a group make, ” ATLAS ” it is strange unreal of a many person nautical adventure game, undertake with the first person or perspective of the 3rd person. Game lieutenant general has 40 thousand players to explore a heavenly body at the same time, predict to bring the large-scale collaboration of unprecedented and conflict. In the world of the biggest play of unique, the player is OK to the top of one’s bent battle of nautical shipbuilding, exploration, part is acted, developmental, make dorp, world of a nautical conquer! ” divide fierce battle alarm 3 (Crackdown 3) ” (MICROSOFT STUDIOS)
Take a weapon, blow commits a crime! The player will be in ” except fierce battle alarm 3 ” hold the position of the member that have the sound that exceeds capacity, challenge cooperative mode in open world, or at brand-new much person mode ” Wrecking Zone ” in hit convict, let destroy make ultimate weapon. ” except fierce battle alarm 3 ” predicting next year爱上海同城

will be issued at Xbox One, Xbox Game Pass and Windows 10 synchronism on Feburary 15. ” ghost sob 5 (Devil May Cry 5) ” (CAPCOM)
Make meticulously by CAPCOM group, ” ghost sob 5 ” continuance series makes luxuriant movement enrol type and classical part, join brand-new the element spreads out new canto. Set foot on chase diabolical road is counted already year, a new devil began to inbreak again in the city now, the mankind’s last hope, master in 3 diabolical hunter that go alone, in the hand of V of new role of Dan Ding, Ni Luhe, the battle style with every unique role, will bring a player disparate war experience. ” diabolical hunter 5 ” will meet with the player on March 8, 2019. ” new first sight of morning of fetch of Gu island Jing (Far Cry New Dawn) ” (UBISOFT)
Setting set after nuclear calamity 17 years, the calamity that loses order changes county of hope of state of world unconscious person with power. The player will guide survival associate people, the risk with a new antagonism is minatory, highwayman, fight with the twin head of their tyranni上海龙凤论坛

ze, contend for resource for hope county. ” Xin Shuguang of fetch of Gu island Jing ” will issue on Feburary 15, 2019. ” warlike machine 5 (Gears 5) ” (MICROSOFT STUDIOS)
Fire game blows hard ” warlike machine 5 ” be about to strong regression, the player will act Kate, on exploration history most the huge, most luxuriant warlike machine world, reveal the primitive aspect of animal a group of things with common features, fight side-by-side together with associate defend survival brethren. The player can choose to have single person game, or break up a picture to cooperate on this machine or line too fully with the good friend have game. ” warlike machine 5 ” will be in synchronism ascended Xbox One, Windows 10 and Xbox Game Pass 2019. ” warlike machine 5 ” support single person and cooperative pattern, will bring most the warlike machine world of huge. ” JUMP FORCE ” (BANDAI NAMCO ENTERTAINMENT AMERICA INC. )

Magazine of the caricature below division of collect flower company ” Jump of Zuo print teenager ” the most welcome hero and rascal, battle of classic on the earth tourist attraction fight closely, one circle is all move free in confusing a heart most hot-blooded dream! The part that your person awaits is included ” 7 Long Zhu ” , ” sea thief king ” , ” the person that igneous shadow is borne ” etc be about to attend a war, player general can experience alive bound is famous tourist attraction, like square of new York times and Ma Tehong the peak spreads out the hot-blooded pleasure of athletics duel! ” JUMP FORCE ” will appear on the market on Feburary 14, 2019. ” regnal heart 3 (Kingdom Hearts 3) ” (SQUARE ENIX)

” regnal heart 3 ” with Dishini the world is arena, the player will act leading role all alone to pull, with friends the Tang Dynasty the make concerted efforts such as dog of old duck, Gao Fei spends heavy difficulty, develop the force of an adventure. This making built up the new old role of Dishini and Pikesi, player and part people will pass through the force of energy and friendship, the vicious power of unhealthy environmental influences that cause disease of world of homocentric antagonism menace. ” regnal heart 3 ” will roll out edition of Xbox One Chinese 2019, strengthen Xbox One X to optimize. ” the subway: Fugitive (Metro: Exodus) ” (DEEP SILVER)

Make by 4A Games atelier, combinative action, lurk, exploration and live element fearing , ” the subway: Fugitive ” bring what a gut directs to be enmeshed for the player game of the first person experiences form. Be in the Russia of doomsday, the player wants an edge to write the masterstroke the plot of a play of Jing Song, pass through the four seasons, the boundless below environment of exploration nuclear radiation is wild. Be inspired by work of Russia fictionist Dmitry Glukhovsky, make continuance originally the story of leading role Artyom, continue to be in the crisis spreads out in the subway of 4 bend over expeditionary. Game will appear on the market on Feburary 15, 2019. ” my world: Subterranean city (Minecraft: Dungeons) ” (MICROSOFT STUDIOS)

” my world: Subterranean city ” it is an union the behavioral venture game of classical palace exploration element, at most 4 players are OK group group fights side-by-side, destroy vicious power to save the villager, rise antagonism the evil enemy of come to attack us of a wave. By Mojang small-sized group is made, ” my world: Subterranean city ” will become Minecraft series to be heated up in the newest topic 2019.
Millions of people expects ” abstruse day and dark forest ” add is made ” abstruse day and jack-o’-lantern volition ” , by the original work that wins special honour repeatedly Xuan of development group the old cast is made. Player general in game, apply fight brand-newly and order option to have risk oneself, explore wide exotic world. The player will encounter tremendous Prince of the Devils in expeditionary road, seek ally and companionate help only, challenge enigma at the same time, ability opens the destiny with true Ori. ” abstruse day and jack-o’-lantern volition (Ori And The Will Of The Wisps) ” will reach Windows 10 PC at landing Xbox One solely 2019, synchronous join library of game of Xbox Game Pass. The player will be in ” abstruse day and jack-o’-lantern volition (Ori And The Will Of The Wisps) ” in adventurous road, open leading role and before the destiny dispute of acting part. ” the sea of bandits (Sea Of Thieves) ” (MICROSOFT STUDIOS)

Along with the arrival that the 5th free correcting after writing game to appear on the market updates, ” the sea of bandits ” will again with brand-new game content, the maritime and expeditionary brigade of adapting players. Brand-new athletics mode ” The Arena ” was about to roll out first half of the year 2019, player general but group group has pair of fight with lively rhythm with enemy boat, each will bring exciting experience to battle, lead a player to obtain mysterious treasure, challenge oneself pirate technical ability. ” the sea of bandits ” brand-new athletics mode ” The Arena ” was about to come on stage 2019. ” the outer world (The Outer Worlds) ” (PRIVATE DIVISION)

By Microsoft subordinate Obsidian Entertainment and combination of Private Division atelier are made, ” the outer world ” the part that上海同城对对碰交友社区

is theme of science fiction of a single person acts game. The player will act the leading role in the come to in colony spacecraft, seek aerospace story continuously and face all sorts of factional contend for power and profit, and the in choosing to affect game world development of every time of by means of. ” Shangmukelanxi: Whole area blocks 2 (Tom Clancy’s The Division 2) ” (UBISOFT)

Be setting with American Washington special zone ” Shangmukelanxi: Whole area blocks 2 ” it is a movement shoots a part to act game, rich weapon, armor, skill is full of to wait to order beautiful and option, distinct game environment, changeful part to develop the battle content with system and lively rhythm oneself in game. The player can choose to fight alone in game, or finish each job jointly with 35 good friends, also can be in ” shady area ” in undertake with other player PvP is opposite battle. ” Shangmukelanxi: Whole area blocks 2 ” will appear on the market on March 15, 2019. ” TUNIC ” (FINJI)

” TUNIC ” it is a behavioral game that takes a risk about a small fox, the player will be reincarnate for provoking the small fox that love, risk has in wide world, seek an eccentric person of archaic relics, blow, disentomb the secret that all sorts of hiding. ” useless earth 3 (Wasteland 3) ” (INXILE ENTERTAINMENT)

By ” useless earth 3 ” and ” different region presses down fetch music: Tides Of N爱上海同城手机版

umenera ” development group is made, ” useless earth ” series suffers the add that fix eyes upon to make fully ” useless earth 3 ” be about to come on stage! Game will cultivate a system to tell about through brand-new dialog abstruse attractive story, the bout that invites a player to appreciate design careful at the same time makes warfare system and unique part experience system. The player can choose one 上海贵族宝贝

person to free plays or be challenged jointly with comrade-in-armses, hard moral choice is faced in game, make the decision that changes game world.

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