” dark black 3 ” the line on May 17 increases the 17th sports season newly 3 torment difficulty

The closest blizzard announces ” dark black destroy a god 3 ” the 17th sports season will come on stage on May 17, the country is taken is Beijing time on May 17 afternoon at 5 o’clock. Sports season le上海夜网

ngth is 3 months about. This sports season will be rolled out brand-new gain effect, all players will be obtained ” nightmare person ceremony of involuntary discharge of urine ” provides suit addition result. This means a player not to need to wear pair of give up actually to also can enjoy the gain effect with this powerful suit. Everybody can be enjoyed ” loose mail ” suit addition, the goods of each ancient legend that you obtain also more will precious. “Nightmare person ceremony of involuntary discharge of urine ” one of suit ri上海千花网龙凤论坛

ng: The wishs to have puissant爱上海龙凤419桑拿

loose mail to deserve to install profession of heroes can try brand-new combination, especially dozen of those laws that are core with ring. In the meantime, the profession that viability depends on ring is OK also the legend article that freer land tries to differ, and need not count professional suit. The government is right ” dark black 3 ” the introduction of the 17th sports season is as follows: Exterior of the 17th sports season rewards this sports season to introduce the award of past sports season afresh first, the player that lets miss them has an opportunity to join them collect. Former the sports season that the award of the 5th sports season is pushing the 17th sports season is itinerary in obtain. Sports season is itinerary award if you are in the effort in a few sports season slaughtered devil is in in the past every sports season is itinerary in obtain ” conqueror ” honor, so you should have been solved lock up column of several pages article. You grade of the conqueror of every sports season that finish can solve a lock one page is additional article column, most 5 pages: The person that the ground of shelter guards: 70 Nai that finish torment XIII difficulty inside 5 minutes are not life of gem of day secret condition: Upgrade 3 legend gem to 55 class what what I do is to win: Conquer finishs 2 times to let me see your original story in this sports season: Eliminate in order to torment XIII difficulty when 70 class enlighten inferior pineapple, and cash of 1 minute of 30 seconds exceeding when using is not a problem: Beat the corrupt demon below torment XIII difficulty to take you to go there: The aggrandizement of 60 attribute of big secret condition that finishs single person mode: Box of demon of use card Nai and the lapidary aggrandizement of 50 class above box of demon of article of an antediluvian legend reframes: Recast of box of demon of use card Nai article 上海千花网

of a legend the presen上海千花网龙凤论坛

t of Hei Deli case is ultimate, you can be finished through be in sports season journey specific paragraphic will be obtained again ” the gift of black Delige ” . Lower part listed the detailed account that can win suit, to new the player that joins sports season, read following guideline please: The sports season that finish is itinerary the 2nd, 3 and 4 paragraphic hind, you will obtain 3 ” the gift of black Delige ” . Every gift includes suit of several your one’s job trade to equip. Carry this kind of kind, every sports season can be in the player only the solution below expert mode and blame expert mode locks up suit of a profession, choose your gift carefully please! The part profession that when th上海千花网龙凤论坛

e suit sort that you get and you open a gift, uses is concerned. If you think collect neat covers professional suit, must use same the part is opened all 3 gifts. The suit that the gift that is black Delige below offers in the 17th sports season rewards: Goth – the force emperor of the earth teachs army – the person of bramble hunt demon that calls out demon division – monk of umbra attire fierce – rabbi of wraith of monkey Wang Zhanjia – witch doctor of v/arc bounties bestowed by a monarch or an official – the battle armour of Yu Hun division, namely version 2.6.5 will greet many main game experiences to alter. We hope to join the game that asks since players are long-term to experience a function. Above all, we can bring 3 brand-new torment difficulty, the player can improve efficiency further when game later period brushs equipment. Taller torment difficulty means more experience, gold coin and hematic cliff fragment, task of offer a reward and the award that Nai is not the activity such as day secret condition also can promote. Need not worry, we began to undertake a lot of altering to this from the test, make sure additional award is enough and rich, these new difficulty still can have higher probability to drop stone of key of big secret condition. We still joined brand-new search function for deposit box (be restricted only PC is carried) . You can undertake searching according to article name, search result can shine high in deposit box — in the fight that this can help you arrange case, attune to return antagonism devil quickly. Still can a few other alter, the recipe that is craftsman for example is joined spread out entirely / fold key-press (be restricted only PC is carried) , task indicator appears instantly after entering area of task of offer a reward, and chest of treasure of He Ladi Mu also can drop now dead breath. These altering will let the 17th sports season make the sports season with the most wonderful throughout history!

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