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Dragon of horse of urge again and again is same the day loses a ball, attendant edge inquiry loves the coach of two people apprentice reason. (Yang Min of Guangzhou daily reporter is photographed)

Daily of Guangzhou of Yang Min of reporter of specially appointed entire media does not have stannum on April 14 report

2017 ping-pong inferior bright and beautiful contest continues to be held in the gymnasium that do not have stannum today. Undertake in the late evening mix double final to perform Sino-Japanese right definitely, the Zhou Yu of Chinese team / Chen Xing is the same as with 3 than the 1 Yi Teng beauty that defeats Japanese team sincere / Sen Yuan politics is esteemed, amphitryon also took the 3rd gold since opening contest accordingly. But those who make a person awkward is, dragon of horse of seed of male single number one is in 16 in be being contended for by force, expose to the sun cold with 1 than 3 not enemy the Zheng Shangen of Korea team, urge again and again of seed of female only number one with 2 than 3 was defeated year only champaign of Japanese young general is beautiful eaves. Two vole are same the day loses a ball, this takes part in the match in what the country pings also is peerless for the history.

Two vole go out with the day bureau

Dragon of horse of header of Chinese male ping is current inferior the seed of male single number one of bright and beautiful contest, he looks preexistence bound is ranked the first, carry vole is accomplished on the meeting in the Liyaoao last year. In the argue with Zheng Shangen, he is opening bureau phase to be squelched by adversary, go up in big score with 0 than 2 backward. Begin from the 3rd bureau, ma Long tries best to ca上海龙凤论坛

tch up, with 11 than 6新上海贵族宝贝论坛

pull an one bureau. But in the match of the 4th bureau in the key, ma Long is leaving bureau with 3 serve than be being sentenced to punish by the judgment below 0 lead cases foul, final with 6 than 11 be defeated by one bureau again.

Ma Long expresses after contest, “Had hit with adversary before, also be closely cling to. This one after another was not taken below the case with one lead bureau, plus 5 bureaus 3 get the better of make, lagging behind is not particularly good dozen. ” he thinks, oneself obtain a pretty good bureau in the 4th bureau actually, but was sentenced indescribably by the judgment serve, get a few influences, “Those ability tactics that oneself want to hit cover a road to was not hit, after all the team member of Korea team still has actual strength very much, most begin to prepare very adequately, but my error is too much, adversary goes all out more fiercely, oneself are meaningless error also is more, the space that gives opponent is larger also. The space that gives opponent is larger also..

After Ma Long loses a ball unexpectedly, ping is in the country next billows of match medium wave not Jing, expect in the evening go wrong, was turn for urge again and again of header of Chinese female ping this. She also is rank of eye preexistence bound the first, vole was become on the Olympic Games last year. Urge again and again is in the champaign beauty that the adversary of 1/4 final is Japanese team eaves. Advanced of 4 bureaus right definitely in, 2 people get the better of two bureaus each. After entering bureau of decide the issue of the battle, they for many times battle is smooth, champaign is final with 12 than 10 win by a narrow margin. The score of 5 bureaus is: 11 than 3, 14 than 12, 9 than 11, 14 than 16, 10 than 12, urge again and again with 2 than 3 suffer fall into disuse, one face is helpless after爱上海同城

she is losing a ball, think oneself still are held on whole actually windward, but, wrestle of the other side is killed very fierce, of occasion what accuse to imagine with oneself not be very same. She does not think him underestimate the enemy, the preparation to difficulty has been made before emphasizing competition, but still fail to win come down.

“Wolf ” come from Japan and Korea

Zheng Shangen is the Chaoxian nationality, was born in Jilin to extend a limit 1990, his father ever was athlete of a ping-pong. After emigrant 2006 Korea, zheng Shangen is in carried off on world blueness contest 2007 male single champion, be considered as Liu Chengmin’s successor, but he is in achievement is not outstanding in recent years. In the male round final before this, he takes up the post of Korea team the 3rd sheet, be over easily to get the better of by the 3 singles Xu Xin that the country pings.

Champaign beautiful eaves greeted 17 y上海贵族宝贝

ears old of his birthday today. She is described, beating Ding Ning is best birthday present, expect to be in carried off on Tokyo Olympic Games 2020 female group and female sheet two gold. Last year, not full still 17 years old when, champaign beautiful eaves gains the championship on female ping world cup, this is Japanese table tennis circles comes to first world 37 years contest champion, she is regarded as accordingly the most organic meeting carried off on Tokyo Olympic Games 2020 the ping-pong of gold female will. The urge again and again of two large main force of Chinese team and Liu poem Wen quit game early or late at that time, latter also is pinged ban contest by the country accordingly. Later, champaign beautiful eaves will to China attend ping to exceed league matches, but achievement is not outstanding. This is she beats a state in international match first ping brunt, this makes her glad bad, speak bluntly resembles daydreaming same. She discloses, oneself target gains the championship on Tokyo Olympic Games namely, and it is female group and female Chan Shuangguan. To this a kick in one’s gallop target, champaign beautiful eaves thinks is not impossible: “I beat even Olympic Games champion today, want hard to be able to come true only. Want hard to be able to come true only..

Current inferior male single of bright and beautiful contest 8 strong already arose, chinese team is occupied among them 4 chairs, include Zhang Jike, Fan Zhendong, Xu Xin and Lin Gaoyuan. Among female Chan Sijiang, the Liu Shiwen of Chinese team, Zhu Yuling and Chen Meng are held among them 3 banquet. Be in male double with female bilateral face, the country pings each have push forward of two pairs of combination 4 strong. Zhang Jike continues to become the king of person energy of life of current match, he tonight with 3 compare the 0 big island Dai that eliminated Japanese line, also be the country that has not been washed out exclusively ping vole team member. Lose a ball to Ma Long, zhang Jike shows awkward smile after contest, “He is tiredder, incommensurate also to the ball. ” in his impression, this is Ma Long in player of the team outside was defeated for the first time in 45 years in the past.



Did the wolf come really?

Daily of Guangzhou of Yang Min of reporter of specially appointed entire media does not have stannum on April 14 report

Liyaoao carried undertake the whole thing on the meeting last year after all gold, the country pings total coach Liu Guoliang has foreknowledge ground to point out very much, the biggest rival of cycle of Tokyo Olympic Games is Japanese team. 3 days before, chinese female ping is in inferior female group implements on bright and beautiful contest 6 Lian Guan, the bishop drills Kong Linghui still emphasizes, the main rival that although Japanese team will be future 10 years,Chinese daughter pings, but Chinese team has overwhelming advantage, can not be fear of them. However, be made be Chinese daughter to ping cycle of Tokyo Olympic Games gets t上海龙凤论坛

he vole urge again and again of military content, tonight so explode big cold ground by firm full champaign beautiful eaves of 17 years old is blocked in 4 strong besides.

Add this team alive blueness contest carries off two organizations championship, second line battle array still can be in this team to ping without the country the open competition implementation that attend undertakes the whole thing, this must make the outside afraid, sat on Tokyo Olympic Games 2020 embrace advocate the Japanese team of the benefit of field still is met really contend for silver medal only readily. Two vole are same in international match the day loses a ball, this pings also be peerless on the history in the country, nevertheless, this still is having the effect of many objective elements among them, include new team of a dr上海夜网论坛

ill just is established, team member people not be familiar to new ball wait. In inferior the ball loses on bright and beautiful contest, as it happens allows a country ping rings noisy alarm bell again, prepare for war better the life that take leaves to ping contest individual event is surpassed in Germany after a half moon, roaring to the force with which sth breaks out also day this team undertakes more beware of. Resemble what what Liu Guoliang says before this, losing a ball is not evildoing, he still asks everybody to be at ease, main rival waits in Japanese team step by step press hard on while, ping also does not have the country lax. The reporter thinks, if ” wolf ” came really, this can make ping-pong match more wonderful only, the ball ability that the country pings when the river rises the boat goes up too, to fan and audience, still increased to see the interest of the ball.

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