Fierce Lei teacher rash hand in Xi Jiaxin of penalty due to breach of contract than be about to find new job advocate handsome it is him

According to ” daily sports signs up for ” message, rash compared future already very clear, next sports season he will teach royal Betty this, their predecessor advocate handsome Sangdien just leaves his post several days ago.上海龙凤论坛

And this sports season falls in Lubizhi, spaish was finished with feeble battle array 14 g爱上海同城对对碰

et the better of 11 average 13 negative goo上海千花网交友

d result, rank on the west armour cup of couplet of Europe of the 7th push forward. This also Ranglubi gets attention fully.

Rupee can decide his to inform Spaish of the high level today: Betty this will spark directly rash penalty due to br阿爱上海同城

each of contract of osculatory 1 million euro, and with Betty this the autograph makes an appointment with 3 years, yearly salary 1 milli上海同城对对碰交友社区

on euro.

And replace rash those who compare, the meeting of utmost is Spaish B team advocate Shuai Dawei – Jialiege, this Spain of 47 years old advocate Shuai Ceng serves as save commander in chief of a house where a fire started brief had taught Spaish covey. And De Luosa of such as admire, Louis – the 2 teams young general such as Luopeisi promotes to a high office in this sports season covey, also teach with what add Lie Ge having very big concern. D阿拉爱上海同城

o not know this to hold the post of newly advocate handsome, can put sb in a very important position our Wu Lei.


Original title: Fierce Lei teacher is about to find new job: Penalty due to breach of contract only 1 million 2 teams advocate handsome or take over responsibility editor: Li Xiaoling

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