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The egg is to compare nourishing food, we compare common egg in daily life this kind feeds capable person, the egg has a lot of ways, for instance but cake of make it egg, still can boil an egg to eat, the nutrient value ratio that the egg that boil has is higher, OK still beautiful soup of make it egg is drunk, the way of the egg is simpler, it is good that the egg spends Shang Duiwei, digest easily be absorbed by human body, is the practice of soup of egg of chopped green onion what kind of? Next we look.

Is the practice of soup of egg of chopped green onion what kind of?

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Is the practice of egg soup what kind of?

1. basically feeds capable person

The egg is right amount, onion seedling is right amount, medlar right amount

2. complementary makings

Salt is right amount, white pepper is right amount.

3. makes a method

01. has oily pot, put very light blue to explode sweet to become angry, add water and medlar to be boiled.

The egg that mix up puts after 02. boil is spent and cut good green leave.

03. adds salt, white pepper flavors have pot.

4. warmth hints

The egg when boiling spends caky figuration can, need not boil too old. Forum of baby of new Shanghai noble

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2. The quantity of heat of the egg is expressed

Egg, renown chicken egg, chicken child, it is the egg that hen place produces, there is an incrustation outside its, there are air chamber, white of an egg and yolk share inside, it contains a lot ofof all kinds nutrition, it is the mankind one of food of constant edible. If the egg has be fertilized, pass chickling of hatch of 21 days of meetings about. The egg basically can divide for 3 parts: Chorion, albumen reachs yoke.

1. chorion: Complete chorion is shown elliptic, occupy the 11%~11.5% of entire egg bulk about. Chorion can be divided again leave skin, air chamber for the film on housing, carapace. : of the film on housing? Meng of Yong of Hui of which ぃ of channel of Mao of ⑽ of this a huge legendary turtle of brilliant of Cui of hesitating of  of Gui of pay of Cong Jiao high and steep leavessing of pulse plants goes ⅰ of Ze of Han of  of bandit of acenaphthene badger eight? What? of detailed of a key to do sth is inside chorion is filmy, in all 2; Air can pass this film freely. Air chamber: ? Does barrier of eye of Lai of  of ぶ of detailed of  Chong a key to do sth bite  of locust Lu bay call on faithful does one Hu of  of the  that climb В fasten toad of divinatory symbols Ju happily?

Is the practice of soup of egg of chopped green onion what kind of?

2. albumen: ? Mu He of  of Ju of bing4 ru4 gao1huang1 of Qu of つ of detailed of saddle endowment strong a key to do sth  of awake of  of second Liu remnant is buccal already  dark?7%~ – 58.5 % . Protein is contained about in albumen 12 % , basically be albumen of white of an egg. Element of acid of the riboflavin that certain amount still contains in albumen, Nick, biology and the material such as calcic, phosphor, iron. Albumen divides thick albumen again, rare albumen. Thick albumen: ? Does frequency of beat  full seek branny value saddle to wish? Love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch

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Concentration is higher. Rare albumen: ? Beat  fly does chasm seek branny value saddle to wish shipboard of  ǘ Ran?

3. yoke: ? Vertebra of saddle of closely question of bless of full deficient crack with teeth in mouth is troubled by wake 5 full of  of outskirt of   Zou swings to spread awake  on octogenarian  already % of ~32 of % of  dark?0, main composition material is yolk phosphor albumen, additionally adipose content is 28.2 % , fattiness belong to phosphatide kind in the lecithin of one. To nutrient respect of the mankind, yoke contains rich vitamin A and vitamin D, and contain taller iron, phosphor, sulfur and calcium to wait mineral. There is ovule inside yoke. Ovule: In the one white spot of yoke surface, the ovule diameter of be fertilized egg makes an appointment with 3 millimeter, not the ovule of be fertilized egg is smaller. The curve with well-balanced and smooth egg is it hard erect the reason that rise, also be its glamour place.

3. Effect effect

Egg flavour pleasant; The gender is smooth. Put in lung ‘s charge; Lienal; Gastric classics. Moisten the respiratory tract of method of treating yin deficiency by reinforcing body fluid and nourishing the blood; Raise blood to send an embryo. Advocate pyretic be worried; Dry coughs voice is hoarse; Eye bare pharynx is painful; Postpartum and thirsty; Issue dysentery; Malaria; Scald; Dermatitis;

Beneficial of 1. be good at head wisdom

The egg is right neurological have very big effect with body development, the choline that contains among them is ameliorable the memory of each age group.

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2. protects liver

The protein in the egg organizes injury to have repair effect to liver, the lecithin in yoke can promote the second birth of liver cell. Still can increase amount of albumen of human body plasma, enhance the metabolization function of human body and immune function.

Arteriosclerosis of 3. prevention and cure

Dietetics home and medical worker prevent and cure with the egg arterial congee appearance is sclerotic, achieved unexpected breathtaking result, they extract lecithin from inside egg, walnut, pork liver, everyLove Shanghai is the same as a city

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The day gives suffer from cardiovascular patient to eat 4 ~ 6 spoon. After 3 months, serum cholesterol of the patient drops significantly, achieve satisfactory result. Shanghai noble baby

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4. defers consenescence

One of prolong life experience of many macrobian old people, eat an egg surely everyday namely.

Is the practice of soup of egg of chopped green onion what kind of?

5. hairdressing protects skin

Richer iron still is contained in the egg, iron element has hematopoiesis and the effect that carry oxygen and nutrient material in blood in human body. Face extensive of the person gives ruddy beauty, cannot leave iron element. If iron pledges inadequacy can cause anemia of the sex that be short of iron, make complexion decline of the person yellow, the skin also lost beautiful luster. This shows, the egg is one of main provision that defend skin beauty truly.

4. Nutrient value

1. egg contains all nurture with indispensible human body to pledge almost, mix like element of protein, adipose, yolk, lecithin, vitamin iron, calcic, Potassium, be called by people ” good nutrient library ” .

The nutriment that contains in 2. egg is right the person, be next to mother milk. The quantity of heat that an egg place contains, be equivalent to half apple or half cups of quantity of heat of milk, but it still has the phosphor of 8% , zinc of 4% , iron of 4% , protein of 12.6% , vitamin D of 6% , vitamin E of 3% , vitamin A of 6% , vitamin B of 2% , vitamin B2 of 5% , vitamin B6 of 4% .

5. Egg choose and buy

The sense organ of 1. chorion differentiates: Watch the exterior appearance of the egg, colour and lustre, clean rate with the eye. Egg of fine qualitative delicacy, chorion cleanness, complete, lacklustre, there is a Bai Shuang on housing, bright and lustrous. Second qualitative bright egg, chorion has appearance of nest of crackle, press or rub against; Have outside the excessive outside chorion damaged, egg white or carapace spend mildew spot gently to wait. More second the bright egg of a few, chorion hair is dark, housing watch is broken and crevasse is bigger, billabong of egg white greater part goes out. Inferior delicacy egg, the powdery frost of chorion surface falls off; Housing quality is sleek, present black gray or dark black, have oily appearance soak; Have more or bigger mildew spot.

2. hand feels differentiate: Fumble with the hand namely the surface of the egg is rough, weigh in the hand the weight of the egg, put the egg on palmar heart to retroflexion etc. Chorion of egg of fine qualitative delicacy is coarse, weight is appropriate. Second qualitative bright egg, chorion has nest of crackle, press or rub against or damaged, the hand feels bright slippery sense; More second broken, albumen pours out of the bright egg chorion of a few. Weight of hand weigh in hand is light; When retroflexioning on the palm, the egg is taken always is to be down at the same time () of the egg that stick housing. Hand of inferior delicacy egg feels bright slippery sense, when weighing in the hand, pass light or overweight.

3. ear listens differentiate: Take the egg on the hand, shake gently make egg and egg are touched each other attack, fine hear its voice; Or it is the hand is grasped jolty, hear its voice. Egg of qualitative bright egg and egg touch fine each other knock sound ringing, the hand holds an egg jolty and breathed. Second egg of qualitative bright egg and egg touch percussion to give hoarse voice (crackle egg) , content of the content when the hand is jolty has feeling of going from place to place. Egg of inferior delicacy egg and egg touch percussion to give each other (hatch egg) , empty empty sound (spray egg) . The hand holds thing of the content when the egg is jolty is ramshackle sound.

4. nose smell differentiates: Go up to breath out a steam gently to chorion with the mouth namely, use nose scent next its odour. Fine pledges bright egg has slight calx taste. Second qualitative bright egg has slight calx flavour or spend mildew flavour gently. Inferior delicacy egg has the bad taste such as mildew flavour, acidity, stink.

Is the practice of soup of egg of chopped green onion what kind of?

6. Egg memory

Before 1. egg is deposited, do not want to be rinsed with water, prevent to destroy the diaphragm of egg surface.

Big head day wants to go up when 2. puts an egg, make be stuck below air chamber after yoke rise, prevent microbial invade yoke.

3. is general again 20 ℃ left and right sides can put a week probably, if be put in freezer to save, last at most half month.

7. Edible method

1. egg has a way varied, be told with respect to nutrient absorption with digestive rate, coddle is 100% , fry an egg for 97% , tender blast is 98% , old flee in terrorfry in deep fat or oil is 81.1% , boiled water, milk is to the egg 92.5% , eat raw for 30% ~ 50% . From this for, the egg that boil is first-rate has a way, but should notice to nibble slow pharynx, meeting influence is absorbed and digest otherwise. Nevertheless, to children, still be beautiful soup of evaporate egg a thick soup, egg suits most, because these two kinds of practices can make protein pine is solved, be digested extremely easily to absorb by children.

2. is done when scrambling egg, arrange the egg agitate of a direction to hit, add a few water, can make an egg more fresh and tender.

3. egg can carry bacterium in fashioning a process, the egg that did not thoroughly cook cannot kill the bacterium, cause diarrhoea easily. After because this egg wants classics high temperature,be being thoroughlied cook, eat again. But what also do not boil is too old, the time that the egg cooks is too long, yoke surface can form layer of celadon vulcanization ferrous, be absorbed very hard by human body.

4. tea egg should eat less, because acidification material is contained in tea, with the egg medium iron element is united in wedlock, can have stimulative effect to the stomach, affect the digestive function of gastric bowel.

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