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Board face is the peculiar cate of area of our country northwest, had spread all over great river north and south nowadays, get likewise each areas of people reputably, especially the interest that northerner has a habit to take a side, so beef board face is become a lot ofForum of Shanghai night net

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Of the person love most, but can pregnant woman take beef board side? The way of beef board face is simple, and not any additive, so pregnant woman is eatable, just should choose a sanitationA pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

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Good inn-keeper eats safer.

 Can pregnant woman take beef board side

Beef board face is very suffer people gay a kind fastfood, be in especially cold winter, put bit of chili and vinegar, see can make a person covet 3 feet, so can pregnant woman take board side? Although the food outside can have very much additive, food arrangement and wholesome respect also not quite amount to mark, but want to won’t put too much vinegar and chili only, still can eat appropriately of a bit, after all beef itself also has profit very much to pregnant woman and fetal development.

Must notice right amount, inedible is too much. If pregnant woman likes to take the word of board face particularly, can oneself are made in the home, such already safe wholesome, affiliation beef also can be at ease edible, but cannot square too much chili and vinegar. If eat chili is too much, easy get angry, should appear after skin infections of newborn infants such as boils, after can letting be born1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai

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the child grows dermatitis eczema easily. And vinegar also inedible is too much, because vinegar can decompose calcium to pledge, very adverse to fetal skeletal development.

 Can pregnant woman take beef board side

Proper understanding pregnant woman can take board side this problem or very be necessary, cannot put in bias, although pregnancy has a lot of food to cannot eat, but the diversification that still should achieve diet. Especially the appetite of pregnant woman is not very good when, liking what to eat is to be able to eat of a bit, want not to absorb a few poisonous and harmful composition only, do not have very big question basically. Besides should know pregnant woman can take board side the answer of this problem, still need to had improved oneself dietary habit, compensatory all sorts of nutrition composition, what just can allow fetal growth is better.

. Beef is very good, more healthy than pork, haemoglobin content is high also, very filling iron.

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Pregnant woman should eat fresh fruit vegetable more, lean lean, birds egg kind. Basically have spinach more, walnut is fetal to pregnant woman the effect is best, still have flesh of a few essence of life kind, eat hot food less as far as possible. Pregnant woman nutrition, eat at least every week deepLove Shanghai is the same as a city

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Sea fish, fish most the development that is helpful for cerebrum, it is firm fruit next, the food crops food grains other than wheat and rice of other, season fruit, the vegetable of all sorts of color. Do not carry feed, richer, nutrition has been jumped over in the round more.

 Can pregnant woman take beef board side

The friends after be pregnant should notice to avoid to eat excitant food on food additional as far as possible the food that does not eat too cold sex, had better not eat when eating beef next too hot, 1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

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Prevent meeting suffer from excessive internal heat, as far as possible eat vegetable of fresh melon and fruit to want to notice to rest more next more, the during food that is pregnant finally had better be OK edible falls in the doctor’s doctor’s advice, must not informal eat

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