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Fried chicken is a kind very delicateFall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 sauna

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food, people has fried chicken is commonly outside eat in snack inn, very few meeting is done in him home. Because oneself are done,be on one hand make delicious taste very hard, because do,be on the other hand much can not eat. Fried chicken is cold the flavour after dropping and hot fried chicken differ very big, after the fried chicken that because this is cold,drops had better heat with microwave oven, eat again. So, how should microwave oven heat up fried chicken?

How does microwave oven heat up fried chicken

Microwave oven heats more convenient. Microwave oven heats fried chicken had better move microwave microwave oven in small fire 1 one 1, 5 minutes, such fried chicken be heated are evener. Do not tighten the household utensils lid that fills fried chicken, lest have evaporate soda water, make fried chicken not fragile. Scarcely should use what insurance film to encase fried chicken, otherwise the oil in fried chicken falls in the microwave high temperature of microwave oven can melt, melt insurance film then. The proposal must fill fried chicken with glasswork (do not fill) with plastic products, put into microwave oven next, high temperature high internal heat 30 seconds, of course processing of take into consideration the circumstances, if be not heated up, fried chicken surface is boiling without oilFall in love with the sea1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai

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Feeling, heat 30 seconds again.

How does microwave oven heat up fried chicken

But microwave oven lets cold chicken without method piece wet soft skin becomes crisp. That is to say, the chicken after heating piece although temperature went up, but cortical however still soft collapse collapse, let a person look to do not have appetite. Want to achieve with new flee in terrorfry in deep fat or oilForum of Shanghai night net

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The scamper drumstick that go out basically won’ts do, but it is OK to also have idea a bit better.

How does microwave oven heat up fried chicken

Wipe drumstick surface above all lake of a rich, after waiting for natural air or microwave oven is small fervent work to also go, wipe oil of a crisp vegetable again, putForum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net

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Enter microwave oven conflagration two minutes or so, so cuticularForum of Shanghai night net

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Also can achieve crisp. Say again finally, chicken implement although person fried chicken is delicious, but remain can be difficult the following pharynx really, this is the common fault of all fried chicken, do not want remnant as far as possible so, take the advantage of heat to eat.

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