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Sexual precocity is the each physiology feature that says child did not have specific period to appear development phenomenon, the dot of better and better as a result of the life of modern occurrence sexual precocity is increasing. Dot sexual precocity basically is mixed eat in eating body foodShanghai night net

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Hormone is relative, because bovine colostrum can compare general milk to have nutrition more, so the parent likes to take bovine colostrum to eat to dot. But of bovine colostrum absorb the sexual precocity with dot to matter?

Can bovine colostrum bring about sexual precocity

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The child has bovine colostrum

Child health does not eat. Bovine colostrum belongs to physiology unusual breast, not be requisite, its physics property, composition and common and galactic difference are very big, healthy child had better not have, cause growth easily unusual.

Does the child have bovine colostrum to be able to bring about sexual precocity

Excessive takes a likelihood to bring about sexual precocity. Compare at common milk, the content of the secrete breast element of bovine colostrum about 4 times taller, grow the content of hormone about 10 times taller, hormone of hurried sexual gland about 1 times taller. Child excessive takes bovine colostrum, cause abnormal growth really possibly, bring about sexual precocity.

Can bovine colostrum bring about sexual precocity

What circumstance child can have bovine colostrum

Suit body to pledge weak child has. Abundant of bovine colostrum nutrition1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai

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Rich, protein content is higher, and contain many immunity factor and grow factor, have way of bowel of stomach of immune adjustment, improvement, 1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai

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Promote grow development, improvement is anile symptom, control the physiology active function such as a variety of bacterias, constitution the child with weak, short figure, science is taken reasonably be helpful for increasing strength, promote grow development.

Can bovine colostrum bring about sexual precocity

Take bovine colostrum to want what to notice

Cheeper and adult can be taken directly (dry eat or) of take medicine with water, Shanghai noble baby communicates an area

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With warm water take medicine with water, water is warm must not exceed 40 ℃ , baby but alone take medicine with water or in adding milk, take. Unfavorable with carbonic acid beverage at the same time edible. Edible quantity consults the dosage of bovine colostrum proposal that the product shows, the first time when taking by a few beginning that add gradually to1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

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Normal volume, and cannot be become make staple food take.

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